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Administrative Office of the Courts

Business Unit: 23200

Certified Court Reporter #00000372-23200, Full-Time, PERM in Albuquerque, NM

# of Positions: 1

Opening Date: 11-28-2018 - Close Date: --

Job Pay Range: HH/II: $19.231 - $30.049 per hour

Target Pay Range/Rate: $19.231 - $24.039 per hour

Prospectively, the New Mexico Judicial Branch is requiring full vaccination status as a condition of employment to being hired into the judiciary. Fully vaccinated means two weeks beyond the second Moderna or Pfizer vaccination or single dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccination, and if eligible, must have received the COVID-19 Booster.

The Second Judicial District Court is recruiting for a full-time, Classified, Certified Court Reporter (#372), 23200 for the Court Reporter/Court Monitor Division in Albuquerque, New Mexico. SUMMARY OF POSITION: Under supervision, make an accurate, verbatim stenographic record of court proceedings. Finalist(s) may be subject to criminal background checks.

  • Education: Associates Degree in court reporting or completion of a Court Reporter training program. Completion of a New Mexico Court Reporter training program.
  • Education Substitution: High school diploma or GED and any combination of experience, training, and/or education that demonstrates reasonable proficiency in making verbatim records of judicial or related proceedings by means of machine shorthand, as specified in the New Mexico Rule 22-203.
  • Experience: One (1) year of reporting experience in a court or legal setting.
  • Experience Substitution: None.
  • Licensure: New Mexico Certified Court Reporters (CCR) License [to be renewed annually].
  • Other: Completion of a post offer background check may be required.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge of machine shorthand; state-of-the-art stenographic hardware and software for capturing and producing the stenographic record; proper English usage, grammar, vocabulary and spelling; extensive vocabulary including legal, technical and medical terminology; courtroom procedures; statutes and rules governing the recording of judicial proceedings; rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure; rules of Appellate Procedure; State Records and Retention Statute as it relates to court reporting; the New Mexico Court Reporters Board Code of Professional Conduct; the difference between providing information and legal advice; litigation support software; legal research methods; general office practices and equipment (i.e., telephone, printer, copier, fax, scanner, and calculator).
  • Skill & Ability: Skill in being attentive to details; stenographic reporting and transcribing; concentrating fully, remaining alert and neutral in court proceedings; maintaining confidentiality; communicating in a courteous and professional manner with judges; the public, attorneys, jurors and all other parties involved in cases; understanding written and oral instructions; managing time effectively while handling a high-volume workload in an environment subject to frequently changing priorities and high stress; knowing when to seek assistance; operating a stenograph machine in excess of 225 wpm with 95% accuracy; conducting legal research; utilizing computer software applications (i.e., word processing, spreadsheets, databases, court case management system, transcription, e-mail and Internet); troubleshooting errors with transcription equipment; maintaining dictionaries; providing good customer service; using common sense; filing and typing. Ability to sit and report uninterrupted for long periods of time while maintaining complete concentration; maintain composure while listening to difficult, sensitive and emotional issues; convert shorthand to written transcripts; utilize legal software; organize and prioritize workload; understand complex and technical terminology; communicate effectively both orally and in writing with diverse parties; respond appropriately to stressful situations involving distraught, angry or emotional persons; be informative without giving legal advice; multi-task; meet deadlines under pressure; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships; work as a member of a team; show diplomacy; receive and follow directions; apply relevant policies and procedures to assigned work; and provide equal services regardless of the race, national origin, gender, religion, physical
  • Commissioners/Hearing Officers and Judges access to the record for appellate review, trial preparation and preparation of orders; produce timely written transcripts of court proceedings, resulting in certified transcripts; research and verify legal, medical, expert and technical terminology by means of legal research software or judicial experience; convert transcripts from steno to English; prepare and maintain master and case dictionary for translation; retrieve and review court files for transcript preparation; mark for identification, log, file and account for court exhibits to safeguard evidence as a public, sequestered or sealed exhibit; provide, maintain and troubleshoot personal reporter hardware and software; keep log of prepared transcripts and back up notes to hard drive; archive transcripts and notes; prepare and file interoffice correspondence and required documents; assist court personnel, general public, litigants and attorneys with requests for transcript information; perform general administrative reporting duties and other associated duties as assigned. May audibly record judicial proceedings; create and file a log/receipt of proceedings.
  • WORK ENVIRONMENT AND PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The following functions are representative of the work environment and physical demands an employee may expect to encounter in performing tasks assigned to this job. Work is performed in an often fast paced and stressful work environment in an office or court setting. The employee is expected to be punctual and to adhere to assigned work schedule. The employee must regularly interact positively with co-workers, supervisors, managers, judges and the public; work under severe time constraints and meet multiple demands from several people. The activities of this job may require uninterrupted periods of continuous stenographic reporting. The work performed requires frequent use of computers, repetitious hand, arm and finger motions as well as manual/finger dexterity. The employee must be able to walk, talk, hear, climb ladders, kneel, stoop; move, lift, pull and carry up to 25 pounds, work overtime and flexible work hours including weekends and holidays and travel occasionally. The employee may be required to sit or stand for long periods of time. The employee may be exposed to fluctuating building and outdoor temperatures; mental fatigue; hostile or violent situations that may arise when dealing with individuals involved in court cases; exposed to disturbing or hazardous court exhibits and contagious health conditions.
TO APPLY: Submit a New Mexico Judicial Branch Application for Employment or a Resume and Resume Supplemental Form, and proof of education.

Application forms:
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Resume Supplemental Forms:
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Second Judicial District Court
Human Resource Office
400 Lomas NW (Third Floor/Room 325)
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

Apply at or send application or resume supplemental form and proof of education and certifications to the above address. Applications not including copies of information requested on the employment application will be rejected.